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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Reiki only works for the highest good and can release energy blockages in the energetic system.  Reiki, flowing through the body, can help release beliefs and thoughts that have created blockages in our lives.  As Reiki releases these blocks of negative beliefs, bad memories, and worry, you will begin to notice your thoughts and feeling changing on the subject.  Once these blocks are released, it will promote a positive mind so you can experience more joy in your life.

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My Specializations

Creating a beautiful life full of happiness, love, confidence and abundance.  Helping you to overcome the blocks that keep you from that fulfilling life you dream of, through Reiki and Coaching.

Law of Attraction


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Love & Relationships


What Clients Say

"I was suffering from high stress, anxiety and heartbreak. After my reiki session, I felt amazing and so blissful.  I kept comparing my new bliss to others that I felt like I was Peter from the Office Space movie."



"You can have anything you want.  When you give up the belief you can't have it."

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