Distant Session

"Today is the day you let go of what no longer serves you."

-Katrina Mayer

Reiki is a natural healing energy that is not limited by distance or time. A distant Reiki practitioner is a conduit for Reiki energy and will tune into the energy of the person/animal that Reiki energy is being sent to.

Receiving a Distant Reiki Healing

To receive the distant Reiki energy, all you need to do is to intend to receive Reiki energy for your highest good.  For your session, it is preferred that you relax in a place you will not be disturbed. You can relax in a chair or lying down during the allocated time for your session. However, you can also be at work on a break or doing an activity as long as you are aware and accept the Reiki energy being sent to you.  You can wear comfortable clothing and listen to relaxing music if you chose. If possible, keeping your arms and legs uncrossed so that the energy has a clear path to flow through, is a benefit.  All in all, Reiki will work no matter what you are doing.

What to Expect During my Distant Reiki Session

During your healing session, you may fall asleep because you are so relaxed and that is okay as you will still receive the benefits. Some people feel a warmth/heat or tingling in parts of the body as the energy moves and flows through.  Some people also feel an overall sense of peace, calm, and relaxation. While others feel nothing at all.

What to Expect After my Distant Healing Session

Drink 8oz of water after the session and continue to drink at least 6-8 oz glasses of water for the next 48oz to help move the toxins out of your system. After a Reiki Healing session, most people feel calm and relaxed.  Some feel energetic, productive, and clear-minded. Reiki knows exactly what needs to be healed and will continue to heal after the session. Many people start to feel happy after a session as they release old feelings.  The release of negative energy is distinctive to every single person so that it is made as easy as possible of an experience. This is a transformation of energy and whatever occurs during your release, does so for your highest and greatest good. 

Purging of old energy blocks, beliefs, and negative energy, will be brought to the surface to be released so that you can heal.  The healing process to this can transpire in many ways.  Healing can happen, right away, over time, or a healing reaction can take place.  Reiki works only for the highest good of the individual and works to promotes self-healing.

If you are ready to restore balance to your mind, body and spirit with a Distant Reiki Healing, book session today, below.

Emergency sessions are also available.  Due to scheduling priority of an emergency session, the link will redirect you to our other booking site, where emergency sessions can be booked.