"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

-Lucille Ball

Subliminal Videos 

Transform yourself while you listen to our powerful subliminal affirmations.  The mind is so powerful, that it can have a major effect on what you see in your daily life, based on what you think, feel, and believe. Subliminal intentions and affirmations bypass our conscious mind and are effective in creating positive changes in our mind, body, and spirit. While you listen to our subliminal affirmation audios, you will begin to reprogram your subconscious mind, to attract anything you want.


The affirmations for our audios, are to manifest a positive mindset that attracts your dream life with all the amazing things you wish it to be filled with.  Whatever intentions and affirmations you think, feel, and believe about yourself, your subconscious mind will believe that to be what is true.  These intentions and affirmations can be used as the seeds you plant to grow the roots meant for your manifestation of love, money, health, career, happiness, and all sorts of experiences, you would like for your life.  Believe and empower yourself with these intentions and affirmations as well as being grateful, that what you desire is on its way!

If you would like to have a Personalized Subliminal Video for any of our videos, you can now purchase them in our shop.  The subliminal videos are personalized by including your name, allowing the subliminal affirmations to be more readily recognized by your mind, creating a stronger link to the affirmations in your chosen video.

Reiki Healing Videos

The Reiki energy in our videos is sent to you for the intention of what the video topic is as well as the intention of you receiving the Reiki energy whenever you choose to view it. The picture has been infused with the intention of the chosen video subject, while binaural beats music plays, which adds an extra boost to the Reiki energy being sent. You can close your eyes or view the video as it plays, either way, if you intend to receive the Reiki energy, it will flow to you. Be open to and accepting the healing energy.

If you would like to have a Personalized Reiki Healing Video for any of our videos, you can now purchase them in our shopYour personalized Reiki Healing Video is solely intended for you, creating a stronger link to the Reiki Energy in the Video.

★DISCLAIMER★: DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY WHILE LISTENING TO BINAURAL BEATS OR ISOCHRONIC TONES. These videos are not a substitute for a replacement for any licensed medical or psychological care. Please contact a licensed professional for care if you have any mental or physical illnesses.