Reiki Wish Box


Allow your wish/desire/goal to receive Reiki daily to help your intentions manifest. Reiki energy will be sent daily to your wish/desire/goal, whether it be for health, love, wealth, career, or many more areas. Continuous Reiki energy is sent to your wish/desire/goal, and, can help assist you in releasing limiting beliefs and blocks, that are keeping you from receiving your wish/goal/desire from manifesting in your life.


A Reiki Wish Box is a box that holds a card with a personalized wish/desire/goal written on them.


Your wish/desire/goal is written on a card and then given Reiki with the intention for your wish/desire/goal to manifest.  Your intention paper is then placed in the Reiki Wish Box. The Reiki Wish Box will then receives Reiki daily, for the desired purchase time, with the intention that those wishes/desires/goals placed it the box, to come to pass.

A Reiki Wish Box contains crystals infused with Reiki and programmed to send additional Reiki energy to your wish/desire/goal 24/7, to strengthen the intention even more.

You can use your Reiki wish/desire/goal intention to reduce anxiety, overall health, peace, joy, happiness, test/exam prep and results, career, money, wealth, attracting love, healthy relationships, self-love, confidence, stress relief, grief, sleep, weight loss, energy, overcoming addictions and so many more. 

No negative wish/desire/or goal will be given Reiki or placed in the Reiki Box, as Reiki only works for good.

If you are ready to receive Reiki energy to aid you in manifesting your wish/desire/goal, please click the button below.